CI 16255/19140

Red water based colourant. Perfect for soaps and bath bombs.



Identification of Product and Supplier


Product Name:  Red water based colourant  CI 41720


Supplier: Soaposh BROOKLYN,


2 -
Composition and information on ingredients:


The product does not belong to any list of substances
supposedly hazardous to human or animal health according to EU guideline 548/67
and further amendments, nor to those having recognised exposition limits.


Water, Acid Red 14
, sodium chloride

Cas No:

No: N/A


-Hazards identification:


- Non hazardous concentrated product. Observe good
housekeeping procedures.


4 -
First aid measures:


- Skin contact: wash with water and soap. If
irritation occurs seek medical advice.

- Eye contact: flush immediately with water. Seek
medical advice.

- Ingestion: Rinse mouth. Seek medical advice

- Inhalation: Remove from exposure to fresh air.
Obtain medical attention.


5 -
Fire - Fighting measures:


Extinguishing media: carbon dioxide, foams, inert

Extinguishing media to avoid: Water jet

Special exposure hazards: Containers may build up
pressure if exposed to heat. And should be cooled with water spray.


6 -
Accidental release measures:


Environmental: Keep away from drains, soils, surface
and groundwater.


Cleaning up spillages: Contain spilled material. Cover
with an inert absorbent material, sweep up and dispose of in an approved
disposal container.

Disposal according to UK/EU environmental regulations.


7 -
Handling and storage:


No special precautions for safety reasons necessary
although good manufacturing practice should be followed.

Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst handling. Ensure
proper ventilation. Safety clothing should be worn if handling large amount.


Storage: Store in tightly closed original container in
a cool and dry and well ventilated area away from heat sources and protected
from light.


Fire protection: Keep away from ignition sources and
naked flames.


8 -
Exposure controls and personal protection:


No special personal protective equipment required.

Use gloves to protect skin.

Use safety glasses to protect eyes.

Work in a well ventilated area.


-Physical data and chemical properties:


- Form: Liquid

- Odour: Natural

- Colour: Red

- pH: n/a

- Flash point: >300*

- Soluble in water



10 -
Stability and Reactivity:


Conditions to avoid: None

Materials to avoid: None


11 -
Toxicological information:


Non toxic product



12 -
Ecological information:


No information available at this time.


13 -
Disposal considerations:


Residue for disposal: according to local regulations.

Waste packing: observe local regulations.


14 -
Transport information:


- Not dangerous product

- Classification: not classified in RID/ADR/IMDG


15 -
Regulatory information:


In compliance with the requirements in the current
Cosmetic Directives 67/548 EEC et



16 -
Other information:


To the best of our knowledge, the information
contained in this sheet is correct. However, we cannot accept responsibility or
liability for any consequences arising from its use.

Weight 0.10000000 kg
Volume Options

10ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1Lt


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