Sorbitol is becoming increasingly popular in cosmetic formulas and is often used in mild shampoos and lotions.

Sorbitol is a natural skin conditioning humectant with various uses. It is often likened to glycerine but is lighter on the skin.

For hair formulations it is often added to help keep the hair hydrated and works to combat frizz and strengthen the hair shaft.

For skin formulations Sorbitol not only brings a silky feel to the end product but can also improve the texture and add thickness making noticeably improved glide onto skin.

Sorbitol also has the benefit of  helping to stabilise formulations as well as acting as a preservative.

Use between 1% – 10%

Weight 0.30000000 kg
Volume Options

25 Lt, 100ml, 250ml, 500 ml, 1Lt, 5Lt


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