Rice Bran Oil: Oryza Sativa Bran Oil

Rice Bran Oil is very high in fatty acids therefore makes a great addition to many cosmetic products including bath products, emulsified creams and lotions, and is especially popular as an addition in hot and cold process soap making.   This oil is a silky oil and imparts this quality to the finished soap bar.  Rice bran can also  contribute to producing a harder bar, a stable conditioning lather and is often wholly or partially substituted for the olive oil component.

Rice Bran Oil is light in colour and consistency with superb emolliating, softening, anti oxidant and smoothing properties.  It is a gentle, conditioning oil suitable for all skin types including sensitive and is often used in baby products.  As a non sticky oil it is also a popular choice for massage oil.

This oil is primarily produced in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Mexico and India.

Fatty Acid Profile:

Oleic 43%

Linoleic 26%

Palmitic 22%

Stearic 3%

Myristic 1%





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