Olive Oil: Olea Europaea Fruit Oil

While this oil is a primary, cost effective ingredient in soap making, it also has excellent skin conditioning properties.  It can vary in colour from a green to pale yellow with a composition of phenols that contribute to anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

Olive oil also contains squalane which has a profile similar to the sebum our own skin produces to protect, moisturise and retain hydration.  It is suitable for all skin types particularly dry, chapped and mature. Can successfully be mixed with other carrier oils to produce rich and moisturising massage oils.

Olive oil is an edible oil primarily produced in Europe with Spain in particular, having a long and traditional history of olive oil cultivation and use for diet and skin care.

In soap making, olive oil can be used at up to 100% where it creates a firm, gently cleansing and conditioning soap that is known as Castile.

Fatty Acid Profile

Oleic 63-81%

Palmitic 7-14%

Linoleic 5-15%

Stearic 3-5%






Weight 1.00000000 kg
Volume Options

500ml, 1Lt, 5Lt


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