Lemon Essential Oil: INCI Citrus Limon (Peel) Oil

Lemon essential oil has a fresh, clean scent which, like many citrus oils, is very uplifting and energising with a very typical sharp lemon aroma.

This oil has an excellent masking effect so is often to be found in products where it is beneficial to eliminate unwanted odours e.g. in fridge deodorisers and car air fresheners.  Interestingly lemon oil is also often used in business environments.  Japanese research found there was a dramatic reduction in errors when using lemon oil as a scent in offices. They compared this with other ambient scents.

Lemon oil  has skin conditioning and antiseptic properties making it an excellent ingredient in facial formulations. This oil is often chosen as part of a blend of oils for greasy skin conditions. It has also been successfully used  in preparations to de stress and improve concentration.  Blended with Tea Tree this oil offers more incredibly useful skin benefits like helping to protect the skin from bacteria and fungal issues. When blended, these oils can also be used to reduce stress and anxiety. See essential oil blending Essential Oil Blending Blog

Never ingest or apply undiluted essential oils to the skin.

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