Our Vegan hand and foot balm assessment has been formulated to provide a lovely, gentle and moisturising skin care product.  Similar to our original balm but without the beeswax.

The butters and oils chosen by Soaposh for this balm will ensure hardworking hands and feet receive an intensive burst of moisture, while the wax used will provide a layer of protection from the elements, intensive hand washing and, clothing friction. The balm is readily absorbed into the skin leaving both hands and feet rehydrated but not greasy or sticky.

The choice of essential oils used in this assessment have been selected to provide this balm with a lovely scent and as many people perceive essential oils to have aromatherapy properties, a lovely experience too.

This assessment is the perfect companion to the Soaposh Hygiene assessment containing a no rinse hand and foot cleanser/deodoriser/cooler and soap and is being made available at an exceptionally low cost.

As an added bonus, Soaposh will provide a starter kit for the base recipe with all assessments purchased.

Required Ingredients:  Candelilla Wax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil and Vitamin E

Essential Oil Variations:

1.  Lavender & Tea Tree

2.  Lavender

3.  Lemon & Peppermint

4.  Lemon & Sweet Orange

5.  No added scent

Balms manufactured under this assessment will need to be poured into, or packaged in, lidded containers.

Please note the following BEFORE purchase:

There are NO refunds on Soaposh Flexi Assessments.  These are business investments and are sold under a Business to Business transaction.

Please make sure the information in your customer account / provided at checkout is accurate.  Changes that have to be made to the Cosmetic Product Safety Reports will incur an admin charge for the addition work by the chemists involved.

No changes or additions to the Soaposh Flexi Style assessments can be considered at any time for any reason.  The regular safety assessment packages are available to purchase by those who would prefer to use different ingredients.

Any recipe included in a Soaposh Flexi Style assessment remains the intellectual property of Soaposh who allow the use of their recipe by the individual named on the CPSR (and any of that named person’s employees or assistants under their supervision) for the purposes of manufacturing cosmetic products for retail or wholesale purposes.  No recipe is to be sold, shared or given away under any circumstances without the express, written permission of Soaposh.


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