Please download and read the following submission guidance document as this will outline the process and provide a lot of answers to common questions: Submission Guidance

It is a legal requirement that any cosmetic product sold within the UK or EU complies with current legislation regarding product safety.  This is the option to obtain a Cosmetic Product Safety Report you use a commercial base as the foundation of your base recipe – these usually contain water as an ingredient and the use of a commercial base removes the requirement for additional laboratory testing.  Examples of these would be creams, lotions, multi purpose liquids for shower or bath, liquid hair care etc.

At Soaposh, we have a dedicated Safety Assessment Co-ordinator who will help guide you through all aspect of the process.  We pride ourselves on being a personable, approachable, company and we understand that many of our clients like to speak to a ‘real person’.  As such, you can contact Ann-Marie on 01443260077, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 10.30am and 2pm – please understand that this line is exceptionally busy so if necessary, leave a message, with your name, an order number if you have already purchased, and your own phone number so your call can be returned during less busy periods.  Alternatively, you can email at any time to  Again, please remember the email inbox is very busy and a reply may take a few days.  If you have already purchased an assessment, please include the order number in the header of your email so it can be easily identified and linked to your file.  Obtaining a CPSR can feel quite overwhelming and it is always our intention to assist and advise our clients to the best of our ability to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Your base recipe can contain up to ten ingredients.  The eight variations/end products can include up to five additional ingredients each – examples of this may be scent, colour, shimmer ingredients etc.  Please do not worry if your formulas contain more ingredients than this, we can still process them, but there may be an admin fee for the chemist due to additional time.

It is advised to make a full submission of all variations at the same time if possible.  However, if you are still developing a range, you can revisit your Cosmetic Product Safety Report to update incomplete variations over a six month period.  There is an admin fee of £30 plus VAT per revisit, irrespective of how many variations are completed.  After that six month period, there is an admin fee of £30.00 plus VAT per variation completed.

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