Cocoa Butter Unrefined Inci: Theobroma Cacao

Cocoa butter is extracted from the seed kernels of the fruit of the cacao tree which grow in the tropics. Natural Cocoa butter is a hard brittle butter that remains solid at room temperature.

This Unrefined cocoa butter is of excellent quality. Shown by the fact it has retained its natural, rich cream/yellow colour and its soft chocolate scent – qualities which are often removed during the refining process.

Unrefined Cocoa butter is rich in natural fats and Vitamin E so is perfect for all skin types and many skin products. As a natural moisturiser, cocoa butter can be used in balms, creams, lotions and soaps where it brings it’s unique qualities to the fore. Not only does it moisturise skin but it also helps to harden products naturally.

If you are looking to improve the creamy consistency of your lotions and creams, use Cocoa butter. It is also a fantastic addition to lip balm. As this butter can reduce dryness and improve skins natural elasticity It is particularly good for products aimed at normal to dry skin.

Usage Rates:
For lotions and creams  up to 5%
In balms up to 100%
Up to 10% in cold process soap to create a stable, conditioning, fairly hard bar of soap. NB It does seem to accelerate trace.

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