Cocoa butter :  Theobroma Cacao
This refined cocoa butter is pale cream colour, it has also been deodorised so can be a useful addition to products where the unrefined cocoa butter colour and fragrance are not desirable. Cocoa butter is great for softening and moisturising skin. It gives balms a creamy thickness making it a fantastic addition to lotions and creams. It is particularly good for normal to dry skin as it can reduce dryness and improve skins natural elasticity.
Usage Rates:
Up to 5% in lotions and creams,
Up to 100% in balms,
Up to 10% in cold process soap to create a stable, conditioning, fairly hard bar of soap. It does seem to accelerate trace.

Weight 0.50000000 kg
Weight Options

100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg


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