Castor Oil: Ricinus Communis Seed Oil

Our castor oil is BP or British Pharmaceutical grade ensuring is it the purest version of the oil. Within its fatty acid profile, castor oil contains exceptionally high levels of ricinoleic acid which has excellent anti inflammatory and humectant properties on both the skin and hair.  In addition, castor oil has mild cleansing and emulsifying properties ensuring it is a useful ingredient in oil cleansing products and soap making.  Adding up to 10% castor oil in cold / hot process soap can increase and stabilise lather while still allowing the bars to harden.

Castor oil is obtained from pressing the inedible seeds (also called beans) of the castor plant which is cultivated in many tropical regions of the globe.  A yellow colour with a thick consistency; it is believed to be one of the oldest cultivars in human history as it has been seen as a fuel source in ancient Egyptian tombs and later developed for medicinal purposes.

The oil is separated from the seed shell and pulp during a heated process to purify it and create a oil widely used in medicinal, cosmetic and other industrial sectors.






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