This assessment will allow you to create a luxurious, bubble frosting, full of buttery goodness that can be piped to create bubble cups or to decorate Soaposh Flexi Foaming Bath Bombs.

The recipe for this wonderful product includes the following:  Sodium Bicarbonate, Cocoa Butter, Cream of Tartare, Cocamidopropyl betaine, SLSA and an allowed fragrance or essential oil.

To this recipe you can add the following optional ingredients:

9 water based super strong powder colour options (Hot Pink CI 45100, Turquoise CI 74180, Yellow No 5 CI 19140, Red Christmas CI 45100/16035/19140/14720, Green CI 10020, Apple Green CI19140, 42090, Neon Yellow CI 45350, Black CI 50420, Amethyst CI 45100/42090, Blue No 1 CI 42090)

**Allowed Colours are from the SUPER STRENGTH range: SuperStrength Water Soluble Colours **

Non bleed colours: Red, Blue and Yellow

Eco Sparks Mica (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Red, Magenta,
Aquamarine, Purple and Lilac Reflections)

Bio degradable Glitter (Gold, Pink, Silver, Ocean Blue, Fuchsia, Sea Green)

A huge range of micas and colour change pigments too long to list here are also included

Botanicals:  Rose petals, Calendula Petals, Lavender Buds, Blue Mallow Petals and Corn Flower Petals

As a partner assessment to the Soaposh Flexi bath bombs this will allow you to create an endless range of decoration to finished products.  Additionally, it will
work perfectly well piped as rosettes or directly into souffle cups to create beautiful bubble cups.  The inclusion of non bleed colours will allow you to create multi coloured piping that will hold the colour and the range of optional Eco Sparks, Glitter and Petals will allow you fantastic decorative finishes.

The flexi number of the bath bomb and the bubble cup *must* match if you are going to make a combined product.

The fragrance options chosen with this assessment must be purchased from Soaposh although Essential Oils may be purchased from any reputable source.

Full instructions will also be included.

Please note the following BEFORE purchase:

No changes or additions to the Soaposh Flexi Style assessments can be considered at any time for any reason.  The regular safety assessment packages are
available to purchase by those who would prefer to use different ingredients.

Any recipe included in a Soaposh Flexi Style assessment remains the intellectual property of Soaposh who allow the use of their recipe by the individual named on the CPSR (and any of that named person’s employees or assistants under their supervision) for the purposes of manufacturing cosmetic products for retail or wholesale purposes.  No recipe is to be sold, shared or given away under any circumstances without the express, written permission of Soaposh.

This assessment is ONLY for use as a stand alone product OR as a partner product to the named Soaposh Flexi Assessments

If this assessment is a gift, please enter the Responsible Person details in the Order Notes on checkout; otherwise, the purchaser details will be used.

Weight 0.00000000 kg
Flexi Options

Seasonal 3, Flexi 1, Flexi 2, Flexi 3, Flexi 4, Flexi 5, Essential Oils, Fine Fragrances, Mid Summer, Seasonal 1, Seasonal 2


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