PLEASE NOTE: Your report MUST be less than one year old to use this process.
Adding one more variant to an existing safety assessment.
Details of safety assessment reference number plus name and address of holder should be added during checkout please.
After checkout, you will be forwarded a form to complete with the information required in the new variation(s).  When you have completed and returned this, please ensure you include IFRA and allergen documents for any fragrance oils named on the form.  IFRA need to be amendment 48 or 49.
If your report is older, please email with the reference number BEFORE purchase so it can be date checked with the chemist for compliance under the most recent updates to the Cosmetic Regulation and Cosing standards.
However, it is very unlikely that current reports over a year old that contain *fragrance oils* will be updated with additional variations.

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CPSR Additional Variations

1, 1 – EU Version, 2, 3


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