This fantastic, high quality acrylic soap stamp in the shape of a single dog paw surrounded by a heart has been selected for it’s sweet and simple design. This design has then been recreated in extremely tough acrylic  just for Soaposh customers.

This stamp has been thoroughly tested and successfully and sharply stamps all types of soap, Cold process, Hot process and Melt and Pour. Simply place the stamp on the selected soap and lightly tap with a rubber mallet until the desired depth has been reached. Less is often more with this process.

Once finished, rinse the stamp under warm water and clean any left over soap off with a small brush.

This stamp measures 28mm wide x 28mm high with the actual design measuring 25mm wide x 23mm high.

We do not add handles to our soap stamps as we found, after much rigorous testing, we got a better and more consistent result without.

Weight 0.100 kg